Goddess Gathering

  • The 9E Sacred FemiNine® Goddess Gatherings are monthly gatherings where initiated Daughters of the 9E Sacred FemiNine® Order congregate in a majestic location in order to create and hold sacred space to release unhealthy energy and recharge their inner-beings without judgment, persecution, or ridicule. As Nu Age Goddesses, we are challenging what has become the mainstream norm which rewards judgement, persecution, and ridicule through passive aggressive “Up-leveling.” At 9E SABBBS® we uphold and uplift one another by honoring the ones who came before us who held to the creed of “I AM MY SISTERS KEEPER” and during our monthly Goddess Gatherings we too shall uphold this creed and pass it along to our daughters and sacred sisters to come.

Red Tent Full Moon Ceremony (Quarterly)

  • The 9E Sacred Alchemy® “Red Tent Full Moon Ceremony” is a 1night/1 day ceremony performed either pre, during, or post Full Moon for Goddesses and Goddess Initiates whom have come of age (Shed their first Red River). This Rite of Passage is traditional and has been passed down from generation to generation. Though, as many mystery schools throughout time are often hidden or misplaced, it is never forgotten and therefore awaits to be restored in its true essence by the initiated. Our ceremonies encompass the purest actions and intentions which embody the celestial waters of the Sacred FemiNine®

Sacred FemiNine® “Coming of Age” Ceremony (Annually)

  • The 9E Sacred FemiNine® “Coming of Age” Ceremony celebrates a young girl’s Rite of Passage into Wombmon-ness by commemorating her 1st Flowering (Menstrual Period) during a 3 night/4 day Ceremony. This is a sacred time where a young girl begins her journey into Wombmon-ness and we at 9E Sacred Alchemy® create ceremonial spaces annually for guardian and daughter alike to pay homage to their ancestral bloodline and embrace the newest initiate into the Sacred FemiNine®.

Annual Goddess Gathering Gala (Annually)

  • The 9E Sacred Alchemy® “Goddess Gathering Gala” is an annual celebration of the Sacred FemiNine®. This event is cast to honor “The Awakening of the Goddess.” We commemorate The Three Faces of the Goddess: The Mother, The Maiden, and The Crone. We unite under one celestial body for one evening be it Nu Moon Innergy or Full Moon Innergy. Each Goddess shall adorn herself in her most elaborate Goddess attire and prepare to be dazzled while wining and dining during this annual evening of enchanted and majestic sisterhood.

Sacred FemiNine® Annual “Goddess Restoration Retreat” (Annually)

  • The 9E Sacred Alchemy® Goddess Restoration Retreat is a 5 night/6 day all inclusive retreat. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, nourished, and restored during this 6 day Sacred FemiNine@ Journey. Our Heart Centered and Holistic approach infuses Organic Nutrition, Kemetic Yoga, Mindful Meditation, Qigong, Reiki Massage, Womb Wellness Seminars, and much more…Each year this annual event is held at an Ecological Hacienda that is a time honoring and scared healing space.