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January Insight

(The Polarity for The Nile is FemiNine)

Now that the dawning of a Nu Year (The Nile) is Upon, let us welcome January with grace and reverence. This 2021 Nu Year begins the great flood  (Tears from the Great Mother-Source). As we shed tears for the old and that to which left us or was lost; we flood the lands with this healing modality called Water, which will nourish the soil to which we stand on. While, we reflect on 2020 with tears of Acceptance, Pain, and Pleasure we plant seeds for a Nu Beginning. This is a time of passion and essential necessities. That which no longer serves you shall make its exit and all that serves your greater good shall come. This is a time for analytical minds and reigniting ones dreams. This is a time to nurture ones self first and foremost and then those whom you love and hold dear to your hearth space. Do not be hastily and do not over obsess. Be mindful of nervous energy and maintain homeostasis as whatever seeds you plant during this Nu Year will surely be harvest you reap upon the end of this season. So, be intentional and mindful of what you plant. 

January To-Do-List:

  • Books to Read: Women Who Run With Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.
  • Crystals 2 Use: 
  • Herbs 2 Use: Ashwaganda, Damiana, and Maca Root
  • Oils 2 Use: Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Sacred Animal to Honor: Antelope
  • Nu Moon: 1/13/2020
  • Full Moon: 1/28/2020: “Wolf Moon”

January 2021:

(Universal #=6)

This is a month that could exude peace and harmony if we eradicate fear and tension and embrace peace and harmony by trusting the process. “Home is Where the Heart Is but The Womb is Where it Begins.” Find sacredness in domesticity. Slow down and infuse intentional actions in your day-to-day task. Encompass the ideology of Be Quick To Listen but Slow To Speak Mentality and explore how many seeds of wisdom you will receive and in return shall plant and harvest at the end of the season.  

January Full Moon Ritual:

Offer 6 White Tea Candles, 6 White Flowers, 6 Shells (Cowrie/Seashell…) , 6 “shots” of Water, 6 drops of Frankincense & Myrrh Oil, and 6 small flakes of White Sage.

(Coconut Coal is Advised)

Prepare a sacred alter for your intentions on a White Cloth be it inside or outside. Place a piece of coal over a thick piece of aluminum foil of something that can withstand burning coal. Please the 6 “shots of water around the burning coal. In between each “shot” place the shell that resonated with you. Equally place your white flowers around your “shot” and shell circumference. In each “shot” drop 6 drops of Frankincense and Myrrh Oil, this equates to the number 9 ( The Number of Completion). Then, equally place your 6 White Tea Candles around your White Flowers and light them. In the nucleus of your Sacred Full Moon Ritual Grid, light your coal and place your 6 small flakes of White Sage on the burning coal and you Sage begins to produce smoke you may state:

I, Your Name, align myself with the Innergy of the “Wolf Moon.” I accept all that serves my greatest good and I forfeit all that which no longer serves my greatest and highest good; today, here, and forever more. 

Allow the light of the moon to cast enchanting an alluring energy to you and all that is of you. At this time, you would claim anything that you desire as, 

Isaiah 55:11 – “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper [in the thing] whereto I sent it.”


“So shall you speak it, So shall it be!”

2021 Numerology:

(Universal #=5)

2021-During this numerology year of 5 one may feel freer and more incline to venture into uncharted desires one has been longing for. We may enter into a space of “Why Not,” as one may feel there is nothing else left to lose. One may experience a strong sense of curiosity and immense desire to delve into their divine purpose as this year is equivalent to the number 5 which is ruled my Mercury. So center yourself and expand your means of communication as this time calls for change and mobility. Explore what your true sense of independence and freedom would be if you surrender to you innate will and rebuke fear and tension.

Key Take-Aways

Change is at the core of our World. 2021 will bring an energy of redirection and renewal. That as is was shall flee and  that as it is will be. Either way, know that,

The only constant in life is change

~Heraclitus ~

Balance, Body, and Birthing

While we digest and lay to rest this Pandemic called CoVid-19; we most first and foremost pay reverence to those whom made their ascension by the hands of this “virus.” We must then welcome a state of gratitude for sound right realizations. Be thankful for Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Sacred FemiNine® and Mothers-2-Be remember your power and believe in your strength. Help us restore the Matriarchal ways and Give Birth at Home or in Birthing Centers with your local 

Doula and/or Midwife.

“To which that was, has always been and what always has been, will be no more”


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