“Be Initiated into the Sacred FemiNine Transformational Awakening & The Art of Sacred Birthing and Pregnancy”

Wholistic Beautification, Birthing & Womb Wellness

At 9E Sacred Alchemy Balance, Birthing, & Body® We offer Quantum Birthing Classes, Prenatal Enlightenment, Parental Healing & Transitioning, Sacred FemiNine® Classes, Sacred Alchemy Products, Seminars, Womb Wellness Services, and Workshops, all in the realm of Holistic Beautification, Sacred Birthing, & Holistic Womb Wellness.

As Wisdom-Keeping Birth Care Providers, we serve as the Primary Gate-Keeper for THE EXPECTING FAMILY.


9E Sacred Alchemy was founded to serve as a vessel for a safe continent for women on their journey of embodying the primordial essence of Ma’at (Balance) through commemoration, education, and implementation by recollecting the essential purity of a Woman’s Natural Beauty; Birthing Rituals.

Our intrinsic values are designed to uphold traditional rituals of Beautification and Birthing while also incorporating new age technologically advancing medical applications while still embracing the Holistic and Organic “Traditional Ways.”

At 9E Sacred Alchemy we inner-stand that there has been a paradigm shift in the new millennium that has contributed to the desensitization of the Sacred FemiNine® which includes but is not limited to The Legacy of the Lay “Granny” Midwives, The Council of Wise Women, Sacred Sister Circles, Sacred FemiNine® Lunar

Ceremonies, Sacred FemiNine® Coming of Age Rites of Passages, etc. While we inner-stand that evolution is inevitable we also inner-stand the imperative need to sustain our Traditional Birthing Mystery Schools, Natural Beautification, and Sacred Healing Modalities.


GIA Certified Yoni Eggs
GIA Certified Pleasure Wands
Organic Breast and Womb Care Creams
Organic Herbal Purging Pearls & Packaging
Organic Sacred Feminine Herbal Supplements
Certified Holistic Doula Prenatal and Postpartum Care
Kemetic Prenatal Yoga Classes
Childbirth Education Sessions
Pre-Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoni Steams
& Much More


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